Compare 3 SFP manufacturers: QSFPTEK, and

Optical transceiver (also known as the fiber module) is an indispensable part of the fiber optic communication network. With the large number of modules used in the network, the network budget is constantly increasing. So more and more customers tend to use relatively cheap third-party optical modules in the network. However, there are many different third-party transceiver vendors in the market, and the products offered vary in quality, price, service, and technical support. So how to choose the SFP manufacturers? In this article, we will give you an objective comparison of 3 of the historic SFP manufacturers right now which are QSFPTEK, and I hope it will be useful to you.


When choosing an SFP manufacturers, what should you pay attention to?

They should be qualified with industry certifications

The quality of your transceiver is the first factor you need to consider when choosing a qualified third-party module manufacturer. A reliable supplier of optical fiber transceivers is very strict with the manufacturing process from the input stage of material selection to product quality control process. In addition, the SFP modules they provide must conform to common industry certifications. For example ISO9001, CE (Construction Electrician), FCC (Federal Communications Commission), RHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) etc. What’s more, high-quality optical modules must go through TX/RX signal quality testing, spectrum evaluation test, reliability and stability test, and compatibility test before shipment. . Therefore, you should choose SFP manufacturers that fully provide the above test reports to be assured of quality.

Besides, the SFP manufacturer’s factory must ensure that there are three certificates, ISO9001, ISO14001, and TL9000. However, most third-party module sellers do not have their own module production line, and it seems most of them are looking for other manufacturers to make for them. Moreover, the third-party sellers do not know the process of the module, and the quality evaluation is limited to a few simple tests and customer feedback.

Work shop of QFPTEK
Work shop of QFPTEK

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Provided with one-stop services

A reputable SFP provider will have a full service ecosystem for their customers to have the best experience. These include product service, technical support, ample inventory, and after-sales service.

Comprehensive Product Solution

Choosing a third-party transceiver supplier with comprehensive product solutions is essential. Because they can save you a lot of money. This criterion means that third-party module vendors have diverse product ecosystems. Not only do they offer different types of transceivers with different applications and data rates – like the 25G WDM transceiver used in the model. The 5G, 100G QSFP28 module is used in data centers or custom transceivers for special needs, but also provides other network components and equipment, such as Ethernet switches, cabling optical fiber, copper cable and the like to meet different network applications.

Have a professional technical support team

If you are a small to medium-sized business (SMB), the engineering team you own is unlikely to be able to design network topologies or plan network development. Then you should choose a supplier of optical transceivers with this to be able to provide technical support for you. It is essential when solving network problems or during maintenance and installation.

Efficient warehouse system

An SFP supplier with good warehouse management skills will deliver the products you need in a timely manner. Currently, most SFP vendors use automated processes to optimize product delivery. You must find out the storage capacity of your supplier’s warehouse to ensure that they service you timely.

Compare 3 SFP manufacturers : qsfptek, and

The same point:

qsfptek, and are all 3 historical SFP manufacturers with many years of experience. They provide high-speed communication network services and solutions worldwide and hold many international certifications. While focuses on the US market with major partners such as Google, Dell, Amazon, qsfptek expands the market worldwide, serving Asian customers such as Viettel, AT&T and focus on retail.

SFP modules of these 3 manufacturers all have high compatibility, attractive warranties and professional customer care teams.

They also have a few differences in their products, and here’s our comparison.

Point of difference:
Price (when comparing products with the same specifications)Cheapest  Most expensive Mid-range price
Warranty period3 years on average5 years on averageFrom 1-3 years
List of quality certificationsCE 
ISO 9001:2015
Types of performance tests appliedTemperature Aging Test, Receiver Sensitivity Test, High Low Temperature Cycle Test, Long-haul Transmission Test, Eye Pattern Test, Big Error Rate Test, Transceiver compatibility test, reaches 100% Electromagnetic compatibility test
Spectral test
Eye diagram test -Receiver performance test
Hardware features test
Product Ecosystemqsfptek provides a comprehensive solution system, not only manufacturing SFP, qsfptek also has thousands of other devices for its customers to save cost and time when using their services.FS has the most complete product line and solutions. Including data center cabling systems, SMB enterprise network systems, 100G/200G data center interconnection solutions, etc.10gtek has a diverse product portfolio, especially the SFP transceiver portfolio
Ability to interact with customersqsfptek has a dedicated customer care team, whenever you visit their website you can get dedicated advice and answer all your requires customers to create an account on their website in order to handle their individual case. These procedures seem cumbersome10gtek does not have a permanent customer care team, you can call the hotline or send an email for service advice

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QSFPTEK price VS other vendors
QSFPTEK price VS other vendors

qsfptek has a mission that is to become the leading SFP manufacturer and distributor in the world. When QSFPTEK focuses on production, improving technology, they also improve service quality so that our partners have the best experience. Accompanying customers in developing network information networks is one of the honors of QSFPTEK.


Above are comparative information and things you need to keep in mind when choosing an SFP manufacturer. If you have doubts about the optical modules, don’t hesitate to leave a message and contact information, qsfptek’s technical team is always ready to listen and find the most suitable solution for you. And the service is free. QSFPTEK have a 1000 square meter factory for bulk production so quality and cost issues are always guaranteed. The proof is that we have connected with thousands of customers and received 31,000 orders over the years.